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Therapeutic Reflexologist, Colleen Lyn Roux, is on call to help you get to the bottom of your health issues.  


With her experience in health and social care, pathology, pathophysiology, anatomy, physiology and nutrition, she is geared up to point you in the right direction to make improved health and lifestyle choices.

Colleen Lyn Roux (DipR)

Therapeutic Reflexology

Unit 8 Kleine Libertas

33 Church Street

Mossel Bay 6500

Reflexology stimulates the autonomic nervous system through several thousand nerves found in the feet, helping to clear neural pathways and improve performance of organ tasks.  Due to gravity and poor circulation, toxins can stagnate in the feet.  Deep tissue reflexology massage helps to release these toxins through your lymphatic system, renal system and digestive tract.  Reflexology stimulates circulation, which improves oxygen and nutrient levels within your body, enabling healing and stress reduction.

Ancient civilizations basic medicinal philosophy was to maintain healthy systems within and around the body, in order to prevent disease.  Modern man tends to look outwards for the cause and solution of unrest in the body, forgetting that given the right tools, our bodies are designed to heal themselves.  In many instances we should be searching within ourselves to find both the cause and the solution of our unhealthy state.  It is never too late to embark on a beautiful adventure to an ever evolving body, mind and soul health awareness, immersing yourself in your own life.

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